Watergate/Trumpgate (Part Nine): When all else fails, turn to prayer

Like Watergate, the Trumpgate saga is one full of fits and starts: periods of quiet followed by bursts of new revelations, often sordid and sometimes comical.

Such is the latest turn in Trumpgate — a laughable meeting at the White House Wednesday between President Trump and a group of evangelical leaders who once again, inexplicably, showed that they have his back. This was a gathering which, for all we know, was Trump’s last shot at salvation. A Hail Mary pass prefaced by the release of emails — emails! — all but proving collusion by his son and namesake, his son-in-law, and his then-campaign manager in Russia’s effort to hijack the 2016 presidential election.

That gathering, replete with the laying on of hands to the embattled president’s shoulders, brings to mind a scene from the final act of  Watergate: Richard Nixon, his resignation letter signed but as yet undelivered, kneeling in prayer beside his secretary of state, Henry Kissinger.

No cameras were present for that bizarre bit of presidential history, but the scene was depicted numerous times, notably in the 1995 movie, “Nixon,” by Oliver Stone, with Anthony Hopkins in the title role and Paul Sorvino as Kissinger. Here’s that scene:

Now, Trump might not be as close to the end of his presidency as Nixon was then. But, with the latest revelations, and the emails — emails! — to back them up, at least one stalwart from Trump’s defensive bulwark may have seen its final days….the term, “Fake News.”





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