Watergate/Trumpgate (Part 5) – Corrosive Justice Department Alliances

What is it about Attorneys General that drives some of them to the dark side of presidential scandals?

During Watergate, it was President Nixon’s first-term A.G., John Mitchell, who got wrapped up in the dirty dealings and wound up doing time. Mitchell had stepped down five months before Nixon’s re-election in 1972, to play a key role in his boss’s campaign.

Now, with Trumpgate unfolding day-to-day, it’s President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who’s in hot water … for things he reportedly did before he became the nation’s top law enforcement official.

As you no doubt know by now, The Washington Post is reporting that then-Senator Sessions not only met with Russia’s Ambassador to the United States during the Trump campaign, for which Sessions served as an advisor, but then denied having any such contact during his Senate confirmation hearings.

No one is shouting “Lock him up!” just yet. But several congressional Democrats are renewing calls for Sessions to recuse himself from his department’s investigation of alleged Trump-Russia ties, while others are calling for his resignation. As of this writing, Sessions has declined to do either.

And, as did Nixon during Watergate, Trump is blaming this latest scandal not on his men but on his “enemies” in government and (we can only expect) the news media.

A flood of ALTERNATIVE FACTS is sure to follow but people/voters who are capable of rational, objective¬†thought must not allow themselves to be misled, misdirected or misinformed. Trump, Bannon, Conway, Spicer, McConnell, Ryan or any of the people within the inner sanctum of this unholy mess cannot be allowed to take control of the narrative. Their wailing cries of “Fake News” are just that, Fake. There is only one truth and until we demand and get an unfettered independent investigation charged with unearthing it, we will surely find ourselves entangled in the web of yet another illegal government cover-up.



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