The Tweeter-In-Chief is back

As predicted, now that the President is home from his “Embarrass America” tour abroad, the Trumpian tweet storm is back on track. Wasting no time, he’s giving his thumbs, and his delusional brain, a workout.

Behold, three new tweets, each emanating from a particular sore spot in the Chief Executive’s psyche — and each bearing his signature touch, the ubiquitous Alternative Fact.

Tweet #1: The Economy

False, unless by “all” he means everyone in his circle, the corporate class, who will finally get the tax relief it so, uh, richly deserves.

As for “ahead of schedule,” one could make that case. But only by comparison to when such a plan might reasonably be expected to advance — NEVER.

Tweet #2: Healthcare

We can’t argue with Trump’s opening line. But even he knows this tax refund to the rich disguised as healthcare reform can only take dollars from the rest of us. And if Obamacare does die, it will be thanks to Trump and his fellow Republicans, who, sadly don’t know any better.

Tweet #3: The Media

Okay, this is half true. The fake news media — Fox News Channel and the Sinclair Broadcast Group stations — don’t want America to hear the truth. But they hold Trump’s tweets up as gospel.

It’s only the real news media — you know, the ones that shamelessly commit journalism — that unmask them as the not-so-funny jokes they are.





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