Trump’s Laughable Legacy: Another Day, another Lie

It’s hard to believe, but as of this writing, Donald Trump has been president of the United States — the leader of the free world!! — for 156 days. Seems so much longer, doesn’t it?

And when we say, “hard to believe,” we speak not only of Trump’s tenure but — truth be told (heh, heh) — of the man himself. Never before has one American president told so many lies, on so many occasions, in such a short time. (Admittedly, we don’t know how often President Clinton said, “Trust me, Hill, there’s nobody else.” But still …)

Now, lots of folks have been keeping track of Trump’s forays into the minefield of Alternative Facts, and although the numbers vary, the tallies average out to present quite a shabby record.

The latest accounting comes from The New York Times. A day-by-day tally, it lists 103 times since taking office that Trump has lied publicly. According to the Op-Ed piece by David Leonhardt and Stuart A. Thompson, the President was not heard to utter a falsehood on just over 40 days, although on more than a dozen of those days he was visiting a Trump property, such as one of his golf courses.

Interestingly, Trump nearly offset that scattered spate of non-prevarication before it even began. The Times tally lists at least one falsehood per day, beginning on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, and continuing for 40 consecutive days, through the end of February. We’re lucky it’s not a leap year.

Here’s how Leonhardt and Thompson explain Trump’s record of tall tales, and their methods of compiling and characterizing it:

New York Times article

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