Trump helps Junior cover up, “like any father would do.”

You gotta feel for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sparring with the news media on behalf of any president can be a contentious job, but representing the Fabricator-in-Chief must be (to borrow a phrase from Sen. Lindsey Graham) holy hell.

As she spins daily from one Alternative Fact to another, it’s getting so that poor Sarah can’t even look the White House press corps in the eye. It was almost painful to watch her at Tuesday’s briefing, having to swallow crow after another shoe dropped in the TrumPutin scandal.

This time, The Washington Post was Sanders’s nemesis, reporting that President Trump did, in fact, help Donald Junior craft his misleading initial statement downplaying Junior’s meeting with a Russian attorney at Trump Tower in June of last year.

Soon after that meeting was disclosed early last month, Junior was forced to admit that it was more involved — and less innocent — than his statement had suggested. But up to now, the White House has insisted that the President was in no way involved in drafting that misleading statement.

Now, with WaPo debunking that claim, it was up to Sarah to put the best face on the President’s action. Note her body language — and follow her eyes — as she tries to do so.

Right. And when Ma Barker masterminded her sons’ murderous 25-year robbery spree (1910-1935), she was only doing what “any mother would do.”





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