Trump “Buy American” Order – Do as I say, not as I do

By now we’ve learned that whenever Donald Trump ends a statement or pledge with, “Believe me,” or words to that effect, he’s lying. It’s his way of pre-arming the lie against its inevitable exposure.

Trump’s latest venture into Alternative Fact-land took him Tuesday to Kenosha, Wisconsin, home of Snap-on tools. There, he signed an executive order committing all federal agencies to a policy of hiring American workers and buying American goods.

In remarks to Snap-on workers, Trump declared: “It’s America first. You better believe it.”

It was a strong, rousing line, designed to portray Trump as a champion of American labor and manufacturing. But once again, his exhortation to take his word for it did him in.

In fact, if he were honest, might have added: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Here’s a look, via Business Insider, at where the items that adorn the rooms in Trump’s hotels come from.

Hypocritical enough, and we didn’t even look at the roster of Trump employees drawn from the ranks of lower-payed overseas labor.

So much for “America first. Better believe it.”



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