By George, he’s got it! Stephanopoulos holds Conway’s feet to the fire

Kellyanne Conway holds a special place in our hearts here at Today’s Alternative Fact. The outspoken counselor to President Trump did, after all, coin the term that gives us our name. And, one might argue, she has all but perfected the art of using it to obscure the abject dishonesty of her lord and master.

But ABC’s George Stephanopoulos may have found a chink in Conway’s armor, simply by doing his job. That is, by following up on a question. And demanding an answer. With specifics. Wow, what a concept!

Here’s Stephanopoulos today on This Week, grilling Conway on Trump’s recent surprise announcement, via Twitter, that transgender Americans would no longer be allowed to serve in the military.

via ytCropper

No, Stephanopoulos never got an answer to his question. But because he pursued it and demanded specifics, it became clear that Conway simply didn’t have an answer. She did go on to change the subject, implying that President Obama created the issue. But by that time, it was too late to wipe the egg off her face — and Trump’s.




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