We solemnly swear that we all need some Friday Funnies

How on earth does this trainwreck of an administration and government keep finding new ways to walk and talk themselves into impossible, contradictory, outrageous and flat-out ridiculous Alternative Facts? You really can’t make this s*#t up. People get thrown under buses by this president so fast that he makes Frank Underwood seem like a pussycat. ┬áSeveral of this week’s “Funnies” are more of the brutalizing ilk, which is exactly what is happening to us and our country every day. There’s plenty of LOL’s in here too so enjoy.

We all heard from the third most powerful person in the government that #45 is new to this and as such we should all cut him some slack cause he’s “New To This”!! Of course, all the GOP fell in line, somehow still finding ways to support a man who is clearly out of his league.


The strangest story of the week (and that’s saying something) was the cabinet meeting where Trump went around the table demanding that everyone there, all his department Secretary’s, say something nice about him!



Oh, there was more testimony this week up on Capitol Hill, always good for a laugh…or groan.


Meanwhile, while this distraction was sucking all the air out of the room, the country and the media, the right wing was secretly going about its dastardly business


The Tweeter-In-Chief was in full bloom this week, but it wasn’t always his most current tweets that landed him in this week’s Funnies.


And the rest, have a wonderful weekend everyone









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