Smoke, Sparks, Fire? DC is a virtual tinderbox threatening to ignite at any moment

Something smelled rotten when House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes made a bee-line for the White House today. Now we may have a clue as to just what that aroma was.

Nunes said the President needed to know what he, Nunes, had just found out — that those nasty leaks from the FBI’s Trump/Russia probe had exposed the names of even more Trump associates who, by law, should have remained unidentified.

That’s the tack Republicans on Nunes’s committee have been taking in its hearings on the probe. They’re not interested in what the investigators find out about the Trump team’s possibly treasonous contacts with the Russians. They only want to expose and punish the leakers.

Well, CNN may have come upon the reason Nunes decided it was okay to warn Trump about the latest on the investigation, even though Trump, himself, may be a focus of the probe.



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