He said WHAT!!?? Spicer leaves White House press corps speechless

“Words can’t express …” is itself an expression referring to something, such as an emotion, that runs too deep to be described verbally. For example: love, gratitude, happiness or sorrow.

Sometimes, that emotion is disbelief — the effect of seeing or hearing something so illogical, so ridiculous, so contrary to established fact that one is left speechless.

You know, the way you feel watching the daily White House press briefing. Witnessing Sean Spicer explain the sad state of l’affaires de Trump can boggle the mind — or stir the blood to the point of action, like hurling a shoe at the TV screen.

Imagine the frustration of the press corps in attendance. No loafer lobbing allowed there. For them, decorum dictates a more subtle response to the pitiable Spicer, one not of words but of facial expressions.

Here, thanks to HBO’s Vice News, is a sampling of same, as members of the press corps are caught unguarded, reacting to Spicer’s barrage of Alternative facts.

(Apologies for the :30 lead-in ad)

Meanwhile, we can only imagine what Spicer is thinking as he stands at the podium, facing questions he knows he can’t answer: “Why me!!??”

As we said: “Words can’t express …”



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