Resistance is NOT Futile – Anti-Abortion Rallies across US get drowned out by PP supporters

Anti-abortion protesters, feeling emboldened by having the Vice President as their new champion, had a day of nationwide rallies planned this weekend. They gathered outside of Planned Parenthood centers to once again call for their defunding. They had no idea what was waiting for them. In cities across the US, Planned Parenthood supporters turned out in droves (often in miserable weather), essentially dwarfing the organization’s detractors. Armed with signs, pink pussy hats, and voices that would not be silenced, they overwhelmed the significantly smaller numbers of their opposition. The result was a defeated group of #ProtestPP Coalition members dispersing, dejectedly packing up their bullhorns and taking their fetus signs home with them.

“We’re paying our taxes and our money is (going) to the abortion industry,” said one anti-abortion protester.

This of course, is an ALTERNATIVE FACT

Abortion services account for only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services to women, none of which is funded by taxpayer money. Still, the women’s health organization is a popular target for Republican leaders looking to inspire devotion from anti-abortion advocates.



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