Republicans head home to resounding anger, boos and calls to “Do Your Job”!

Even the safest republican members of Congress are finding open hostility when hosting Town Hall meetings in their districts. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who won his district by 47% was drowned out by a packed auditorium booing as he defended the president, claiming there was no conflict of interest in his business dealings or that he shouldn’t have to show his taxes.

In yet another solidly red state Rep. Diane Black (R-Tennesee) was peppered with questions about what the GOP planned to replace Obamacare with. When no answer was forthcoming the eruption and furor boiled over.

At one point in the discussion, GOP State Rep. Mike Sparks told the room: “I’ll be honest with you. As a state representative, I got health insurance. I feel a little guilty.”
Multiple audience members could be heard responding: “You should.”
So what does this mean for town halls and constituent gatherings in the future?

House Speaker Paul Ryan and top House GOP leaders are urging rank-and-file members to increase security even going so far as to arrange police escorts to ensure their own safety and that of their aides.

Protests over the plans to repeal Obamacare are expected to continue during a recess later this month, according to multiple Republicans the message from the entire leadership team was to get prepared now.
“There a growing ugliness out there,” California Rep. Tom McClintock, whose meeting over the weekend in northern California drew large crowds and more police were called to the scene. “We were warned by both the Capitol police and the local police that there was local agitation.”



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