Republican Mantra: See, Hear & Speak Not of Climate Change

If you’re too young to have heard the brilliant comedy group Firesign Theater, you are probably unaware of their epic 1974 album, Everything You Know Is Wrong. Never fear we found it and you can listen to his HERE

It’s absurdist theater but you’ll swear you were listening to a group of today’s Republicans.

Among the Firesign revelations you’ll hear are “Dogs flew spaceships,” “The Aztecs invented the vacation,” and “Men and women are the same sex.” In other words, everything you know — everything you learned in school, from your science teachers and your history books — is wrong.

See what we mean? Just like the Alternative Facts we’ve been hearing from the Republicans who run things in Washington, especially since President Trump took office.

And especially on the subject of climate change, which the Republican Party all but officially refuses to believe in. Never mind that the scientific community is nearly unanimous on its existence and that we see evidence of it day after day.

The latest declaration on the subject comes from Scott Pruitt, the long-time critic of measures to protect our environment who now heads the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here’s what Pruitt had to say today on the CNBC program, “Squawk Box”:

So there you have it, the nation’s top environmental “protector,” ignoring the existence of one of our environment’s worst enemies.

Time for a new Firesign Theater album: Scott Pruitt, Everything You Don’t Know Is Dangerous.



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