Remember, “Ketchup is a vegetable?” Here we go again

With the help of our Republican Congress, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is on her way to bringing down America’s public school system. House Bill 610, now under consideration, gives a glimpse at the dark side of Devos’s master plan.

In typical GOP ALTERNATIVE FACT jargon, HB-610 is called the “Choices in Education Act.” There’s truth in this particular labeling, but only if leaving poorer families with no options for their schoolchildren but malnourishment is what you call “choice.”

A similar effort was first floated back during the Reagan administration, the first people to try labeling ketchup as a vegetable. The derision that effort received was wide-spread, swift and provided great material for late-night comedians.

If passed, HB-610 would effectively start the defunding process for public schools. Among other things, it would abolish the Obama-era “No Hungry Kids Act,” which includes requirements for providing students with healthy choices such as fruit, low-fat milk, and whole grain foods.

Outraged? If so, call your Representative and/or Senator, and tell them to VOTE NO on HB-610 … unless they would enjoy the vegetable choice of the unemployed: Ketchup.



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