Post Comey Edition of Friday Funnies

Another slow news week has come and gone, hardly anything of any interest happened in Washington and so we really had to dig to find any Friday Funnies…(pssst, is anyone buying this?).  But seriously folks, it was yet another week so full of combustion, the Secret Service had to issue an order prohibiting open flames in the DC area.

Let’s jump right in with the single most anticipated hour in recent memory


And then there was Seth Meyer’s brilliant Final Word (note the montage of praise of Jim Comey by the Trump team in 2016)

The fallout from Trump’s pull out from the Paris Climate Accord continued to stir emotions, annoyance, furor and ridicule




Of course, the President seems to find a way to pour gas onto stories that could easily be left alone. His uncontrollable Tweeting addiction continues to either inflame or reignite any and all issues no matter where in the world they happen. Perhaps he thinks, “he and he alone” (quote from 2016 GOP Convention) can fix things in 140 characters. These unfiltered tweets leave his staff and subordinates sputtering to put them in context and ultimately hung out to dry.


Lest you think that’s all we have, never fear, here come the rest



Have a great weekend everyone




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