Pay-for-play on full display as least qualified nominee takes the reins at Dept. of Education

One of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party (over $200 million), a woman who has absolutely no qualifications or experience when it comes to public education, college funding, student loans or what the inside of a public school even looks like, is our new Secretary of Education. The billionaire socialite has snagged one of the most important cabinet seats based purely on her ability to write a big check.

What checks you ask? Ask and you shall receive. These are checks written by the DeVos family to the senators who voted for her today. (that sickening feeling in your stomach won’t get any better as you peruse this)

On the campaign trail, Trump often denounced Pay-For-Play and loved accusing Hillary Clinton of being a perpetrator citing numerous instances of rewarding donors, though they were never proven. Pesky facts!

Much will be written and dissected over the coming days but jokester Charlie Reina submitted this sardonic take to us moments after the senate vote confirming her:

So the nation’s number one public school-hating Teacher-in-Chief has just achieved … TENURE.




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