One Pinocchio, Two Pinocchios, Three Pinocchios, Four …

President Trump’s parade of Alternative Facts continues down Main Street, America, with no end in sight, and no regard for even the clearest and most undeniable of truths — hard numbers.

Add two and two, and most of us land on four. Give that same equation to Trump, and you’d better make room on his answer sheet for six or seven digits.

Remember his popular-vote loss to Hillary Clinton by about three-million votes? Not true, said Trump, if you subtract the millions and millions of illegal votes she got. Never mind that those votes were not so much illegal as they were non-existent.

Remember his meager inaugural crowd, and how it compared with Barack Obama’s huge first one?

To Trump, his crowd was actually larger than his predecessor’s; it just didn’t seem that way, because, um, trick photography. In the words of SNL’s Jon Lovitt, “Yeah, that’s the ticket”.

Now, six (or is it 600?) months later, Trump still can’t rein in his figures. His latest flirtation with numerical fiction involves his legislative success — a record number of bills passed, he claims, for any president at this point in office.

Well, not when you look at the actual numbers, which is exactly what The Washington Post has done:

Pinocchios are the Post fact-checkers measure of, in this case, a president’s lies. As you might imagine, they’re like golf scores: the lower the number, the better.

Alas, for our Golfer-in-Chief and his trouble with numbers, his nose — like Pinocchio’s — grows longer each day.




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