It’s not easy being Prez…or is it?

It’s been a long 744 hours since Donald Trump was sworn in as president, and since then, he’s certainly done…stuff. The Washington Post broke down just how he’s spent his first month in office. Spoiler alert: most of it was not in the office.


The Post explains their methodology, which is admittedly imperfect, but certain things are clear. For instance, Trump has spent nearly a quarter of his time in office in Florida, 25 hours of which he’s spent golfing. He also spent around 13 hours actively Tweeting, which is over twice as many as he’s spent on intelligence briefings.

The biggest chunk is 399 hours of “non-work time” between D.C. and Florida, which could mean anything from sleeping to watching the cable news to avoiding Melania. But maybe he’s just not sure what to do! After all, he has no political experience, so he might just not know. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find and release all his tax records.
  • Actually read the executive orders he’s signing.
  • Address the over 50 lawsuits currently pending against him.
  • Hold a press conference that doesn’t leave everyone scratching their heads.
  • Not offend a country or its leader for one day.
  • Attend an intelligence briefing while not Tweeting.
  • Stop criticizing President Obama for vacations he took while in office, and while you’re at it, tell your GOP lackeys, the one’s who seem oddly fine with their president spending a lot of time, and taxpayer money, away from work, to just shut the hell up already.Maybe he just hates his job.

Thanks to: Washington Post, Washington Times, Associated Press, Elle, Miami Herald



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