Mulvaney mean-splains “compassion.” I got yer “safety net” right heah!

Alternative Facts come in many forms. There’s the “out-and-out lie”, as in, “Three to five million illegal aliens voted on Election Day, robbing me of my popular vote victory.”

Then there’s the, “you misunderstood me” dodge, as in, “When I said Obama wire-tapped me in my home, I obviously meant that somebody might have ordered surveillance on someone else, somewhere.”

And then there’s the “twisted truth” gambit, also known as the “sounds right, but wait, what?” side-step. Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney has this one down to a science.

Mulvaney had the unenviable job of explaining the President’s proposed 2018 budget to the White House press corps Thursday. And, when called on to defend the massive cuts it envisions for some of our government’s key safety net programs — ones designed to ensure the health and well-being of our neediest citizens — Mulvaney was ready.

Here’s his artful exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta:

So the Haves are the real Have-nots. And as far as taxpayer funding goes, the needy need not apply. Thank you for clearing that up, Mr. Mulvaney.




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