Missile Envy – Media waxes poetic as destruction rains from above

Whether or not you agree with the President’s decision to send two shiploads of missiles into Syria last week, you have to admit one thing: The news media needed bibs to soak up their collective drool pool over the air strikes.

Anchors, reporters and pundits who until that night were busy unmasking Trump over his ties to Russia, now had nothing but praise for him. To hear them tell it, his shoot-first-assess-later action was a bold strike against tyranny. The childish tantrum thrower had finally grown up.

Even CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, who less than three weeks earlier had pegged Trump a “bullshit artist,” was moved to revise his assessment of the Liar-in-Chief. Waxing eloquent a day after the Cruise Missile attack, Zakaria gushed, “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night.”

But it was MSNBC’s Brian Williams who took praise for the military action to a whole new level. Here’s America’s conscience from across the pond, John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, with his take:

But there was even more to scrutinize in Williams’s facile comparison to “The American President.” Aaron Sorkin’s thoughtful and evocative script landed anywhere but on the side of the missile strike.

OK everyone let’s step away from the microphones, wipe away the spittle and try something, what shall we call it?   How about measured, thoughtful, journalistic, based in FACTS?!!! Call us crazy but it might just work and not be the object of such easy ridicule.



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