Mick’s Pix No Fix for Border Wall Lies

Call it what you want: “Razzle-dazzle ’em.” “Show ’em the bling.”

It’s an old carney trick, right out of P.T. Barnum’s playbook. Distract the crowd with pretty pictures and they’ll buy whatever you’re selling. A tried and true technique that’s paid off time and again for snake-oil salesmen of all stripes.

Only, this time the salesman was White House budget director Mick Muvaney. And once the fact checkers checked his Alternative Facts, the razzle didn’t dazzle and the bling didn’t sing.

Here’s a report from CNN on Mulvaney’s misuse of pictures to give President Trump undue credit for work on the Mexican border wall.

So, the next time President Trump or one of his spokes-blabbers calls CNN a “fake news” channel, remember Mulvaney and his pretty pictures. And if Spicey shows up for a briefing again, be thankful that CNN is there to ask questions.




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