Jason Chaffetz is no longer seeking re-election

Jason “Poor people could afford cancer treatment if they stopped buying cell phones” Chaffetz is no longer running for reelection in Utah’s 3rd District. Chaffetz has been in Congress since 2009 and his accolades include:¬†opposition to the Affordable Care Act, same-sex marriage, Planned Parenthood, the scientific consensus on climate change, Net Neutrality, and privacy. He was in the headlines during the town hall meeting in his home state. Chaffetz faced a chorus of boos in Utah, clashing with a hostile audience over his role in investigating President Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest, the environment and funding for Planned Parenthood. He was shouted down with chants of “Do Your Job” in reference to his inaction investigating Donald Trump’s connections with Russia and the Michael Flynn debacle.

He announced that he will not be seeking another term in the House of Representatives Wednesday morning.



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