ISIS threatens our national securi……Ooh, shiny red ball!

The inability to focus for any significant length of time normally ends up with a visit to the principal’s office and then a school psychologist who stamps your permanent record as having ADD. Then there is the case of our president who, according to numerous reports from inside the White House, and now on full display to anyone who knows how to read the time stamp on a Tweet, cannot focus on his most important briefing of the day.

Every day, every president in recent history receives an intelligence briefing about threats to our nation and other security matters that affect the lives of Americans and our serviceman stationed in harm’s way. Pretty intense, important stuff. The gravity of this briefing cannot be underestimated and yet….(here it comes), this president just cannot shake the feeling that something even more pressing is seriously amiss. Is it an impending vote in Congress? A concern about the dollar weakening against the Yen? No, you big silly!

21 minutes into the briefing, Donald was tweeting (still trying to grasp the idea that we have a president who tweets) that the evil Nordstrom’s was dissing poor Ivanka by dropping his daughter’s clothing line.

That tweet was sent 21 minutes into the briefing that was still going on. That means he was devising it, pulling out his always-at-the-ready smartphone, and typing it while officials from the CIA and FBI were talking to him.

This is the man who believes that we must ban Muslims from seven nations (none of which he has business dealings with) from entering the country because they pose an imminent threat (ALTERNATIVE FACT). Which begs the question: How would he know?

NOT FOR NOTHING UPDATE: Nordstrom’s stock price ended the day UP 4%.

OH AND…: All of Ivanka’s clothing line is made in China. Just sayin’



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