In DC, “Yep” is the new “Nope.” Kimmel takes down a lyin’ senator.

We usually devote this page to President Trump and his minions, many of whom have made the Alternative Fact a modern day form of performance art.

Today, however, we honor the work of a U.S. senator, the not-so-honorable Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, who, posing as a benign health care reformer, has proved that the art of deception plays as well on Capitol Hill as it does in the White House.

Kudos to ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, for unmasking Cassidy on last night’s show.

But, hey. Since when do we expect honesty from the people we send to Congress … or the White House?

Are you dialing the phone yet? Why not?! Step away from the screen and CALL!!!!



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