“He’s a great friend. Oh, he’s dead? Then never mind.”

If you’re gonna lie, at least get your Alternative Facts straight.

In another burst of cringe-worthy mis-statesmanship, President Trump has again embarrassed America in the company of a foreign leader.

Last month, Trump drew a sharp look from German Chancellor Angela Merkel when he turned to her at a press conference and said, “At least we have something in common,” a delusional reference to his being wire-tapped by former President Obama.

This time, the foreign leader was Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

In remarks Thursday during a joint conference with Gentiloni, Trump heralded Italy’s historic contributions to the arts, “(f)rom Florence to Venice to Verdi to Pavarotti …”

A thoughtful enough sentiment, had he left it there. But, no. The name-dropper-in-chief continued, referring to Pavarotti: “… friend of mine. Great friend of mine.”

Trouble is, the great Italian operatic tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, died in 2007.

Now, it’s one thing to forget that a person has been dead for ten years. But if you have forgotten his death, can you truthfully describe that person as a “great friend”?

Is it bumbling? Is it lying? Is it moronic? Is it embarrassing? YES

Is it presidential? NO




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