Guess which color states suckle at the Gov’t teat most. HINT: They aren’t Blue

This just in from the Department of Irony — Red states are nearly twice as dependent on the federal government, financially, as blue states. According to WalletHub, of the twelve states that received the least federal aid in return for each tax dollar they contribute to the U.S. Treasury, ten voted for Hillary Clinton (the other two were Michigan and Wisconsin, which flipped from long-time Blue to Red in 2016).  So that’s pretty much 100% if you discount the rigged election, [Donald Trump – 10/15/16], we just endured.

By the same count, 20 of the 26 states most dependent on federal aid went to Trump.

Over the years, Blue states have funded massive infrastructure projects in Red states’ rural counties, subsidized their schools, power plants and nursing homes, saved entire industries, and simultaneously absorbed the most destitute, unskilled, and oppressed portions of those states’ populations, white and black alike.

You’d think the helping hand would soften some Red-staters’ hearts, turn them toward the Blue on Election Day. But you’d be wrong. All that assistance incongruously left Trump-voting states more bitter, white, and alt-right than ever. These people will spout the ALTERNATIVE FACTS they have been spoon-fed by the right wing, as if they are the gospel.

Take Mississippi (please!), famous for finishing 49th or 50th in just about everything that matters. When it comes to sucking at the federal teat, the Magnolia State is the undisputed champ.

For every dollar Mississippi pays out in federal taxes, it takes in $4.70 in federal aid. As reported in New Republic, more than 40 percent of Mississippi’s revenue comes from federal funding; one-third of its GDP comes from federal spending, and one-fifth of its residents are on food stamps—all national highs. Plus they have the highest percentage of children living in poverty (31%), the lowest reading scores and the highest rate of births to unmarried teens (14%) according to the census bureau.

We really don’t mean to bash on Mississippians (oh, who are we kidding? These guys gave us The White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, considered the most militant as well as the most violent chapter in KKK history AND Jeff Sessions!), but it’s these people who were most vociferous in their bashing of President Obama for turning America into what they derisively referred to as “Food Stamp Nation.” In reality, it’s more like “Food Stamp Red America” — something Mississippi’s Trump-loving congressmen will discover if and when they fulfill their vow to gut the program.

So, like it or not, US cities — those places where Blue folks live — generate the vast majority of America’s wealth. It’s true that Hillary Clinton carried just 487 of 3,142 counties nationwide in 2016 as illustrated by BrilliantMaps. It’s also true that those 487 counties generate almost two-thirds of the nation’s economic activity.



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