GOP rep resurrects “death panel” argument to validate the destruction of the ACA.

The Resistance Force is Strong with these Floridians. Don’t screw with their ACA!

Bill Akins — chair of Pasco County, Florida’s Republican Party — channeled Sarah Palin when he told a crowd of roughly 250 people that his problem with the Affordable Care Act is that “there is a provision in there that anyone over the age of 74 has to go before what is effectively a death panel.”

As soon as the words “death panel” left Akins’ mouth, the crowd erupted in boos, jeers, and chants of “liar, liar.”

“It’s in there folks. You’re wrong!” Akins replied, falsely, as Bilirakis tried to restore order. Akins then calls the angry crowd “children.”

Bilirakis held a town hall on the Affordable Care Act last weekend, too. At that event, like the one on Saturday, he was confronted by a crowd mostly opposed to repealing the ACA.

You gotta hand it to Bilirakis’, he isn’t afraid to walk into the lion’s den, he held a similar event just a week earlier and was met with the same open hostility. His willingness to meet with his constituents “sets him apart from other Republican members of Congress, several of whom have recently fled constituent town halls in order to avoid dealing with crowds of pro-Obamacare demonstrators.”

Another opponent of the ACA, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA), recently said he doesn’t want to hold town halls because “since Obamacare and these issues have come up, the women are in my grill no matter where I go.”

Studies indicate repealing the ACA could cost 32 million people their health insurance, reduce U.S. job growth by almost 1.2 million in 2019, and result in between 27,000 and 36,000 preventable deaths each year.  

The message? Continue to go to these town halls, go armed with the facts, don’t let them try to feed you ALTERNATIVE FACTS.



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