Friday Funnies to the rescue – Just when you thought your head was going to explode

Ever wonder how these political cartoonists and meme writers settle on what they are going to skewer with such a smorgasbord of stories ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous? We do. But then, such is the state of our nation, our government, and our lives.  Luckily there are great comic minds standing guard and you can be sure they won’t let a shred of crazy go by without putting their own ingenious spin on it.

And with that, we present the final March edition of Friday Funnies.

Let’s kick it off with everyone’s favorite conspiracy, Russiagate/Trumpgate






Was there also something about Healthcare in the news? So hard to recall.






Luckily our environment is in great shape, wait what?







How about some love for the guys who got duped [crickets]



And the rest from Take Out The Trash Friday




Happy Weekend Everyone




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