Fox on Trumpgate: “Nothin’ to see here, people. But look over there!”

How long could any endeavor dedicated to calling out Alternative Facts go without a nod to America’s number-one purveyor of cable news fakery, Fox News Channel? “Not a minute longer,” you say, and who can blame you?

Certainly not anyone who has been following the travails of President Trump as the law closes in on his dangerous liaison with Russia. No, Trump’s friends at Fox have been his chief abettors in fending off charges of collusion with Russia’s hacking of last year’s presidential election.

For a blow-by-blow rundown of Fox’s efforts to throw even more shade on the shady doings in Trump Land, we turn to the website, Vox, and it’s clever correspondent, Carlos Maza.

Clearly, it was the laughter generated by reportage such as the above that led Fox, shamefacedly, to drop its long time logo, “Fair and Balanced.”




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