Donnie wants people to be nicer to his friends. Oh give us a break!

How dare the media, comedians and fellow tweeters be so mean to good people like Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the rest of the White House’s “Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight?”

His latest 5am tweet: “It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better!” is remarkable on so many levels. It shows, yet again, how thin-skinned the Commander In Chief of the most powerful nation on earth is.

Here is a guy, followed 24 hours a day by a man carrying a football with our nuclear codes, that cannot abide by meanies laughing at, or questioning, the steady stream of absurdities spewing from his surrogate’s mouths.

Lest we forget, this is the guy who spent all of last year being abusive to anyone and everyone imaginable.

The U.K.’s Mirror published an exhaustive rundown of all the people and things The Donald insulted JUST in 2016.  Here are some faves that stand out for their insanity and hypocrisy:

The billionaire began the year with barrages against his Republican rivals, slamming “lyin’ Ted Cruz ” and “sad sack Jeb Bush”.  But the real vitriol began when he started facing off with “Crooked” Hillary – who he claimed should be put in jail.

“Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election.” 10/15/16

On Bill Clinton: “Amazing that Crooked Hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the WORST abuser of woman in U.S. political history.” 5/17/16

On actor Samuel L. Jackson: “I don’t cheat at golf but SamuelLJackson cheats – with his game he has no choice – and stop doing commercials! Don’t like SamuelLJackson’s golf swing. Not athletic.” 1/5/16

The country of Turkey: “Yet another terrorist attack, this time in Turkey. Will the world ever realize what is going on? So sad.” – 6/28/16

Japan & Obama: “Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he’s in Japan? Thousands of American lives lost.” 5/28/16

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox: “FMR PRES of Mexico, Vicente Fox horribly used the F word when discussing the wall. He must apologize! If I did that there would be a uproar!” 2/28/16

Ted Cruz & Jeb Bush (when they were viable candidates): “Cruz lies are almost as bad as Jeb’s. These politicians will do anything to stay at the trough!” 1/25/16

More on Cruz: “Wow, Lyin’ Ted Cruz really went wacko today. Made all sorts of crazy charges. Can’t function under pressure – not very presidential.  Sad!” 5/4/16

John McCain: “The very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain begged for my support during his primary (I gave, he won), then dropped me over locker room remarks!” 10/11/16

Mitt Romney: “Mitt Romney was a disaster candidate who had no guts and choked! Romney is a total joke, and everyone knows it!’  3/5/16

Marco Rubio: “Lightweight Marco Rubio was working hard last night. The problem is, he is a choker, and once a choker, always a choker! Mr. Meltdown.” 2/26/16

We could literally go on and on but it’s both exhausting and depressing. We’ll let Bugs Bunny have the last word:



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