Again with the crowd size? They’re just not that into you Donald. Get over it!

The weekend was full of Alternative Facts whoppers, mostly from Trump surrogates on TV. That didn’t mean the big guy couldn’t mix it up a bit too. The prez claimed that ‘enthusiastic supporters’ were lining the road to greet his motorcade in Florida. Sorry Donald, 90% of them were actually Dakota Pipeline protesters.

The ALTERNATIVE FACT was delivered via Twitter, of course


While neither Trump or his staff provided photographic evidence of these crowds, there was plenty of other “factual” pictures and videos on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

This is just the latest in a constant barrage of accusations leveled against the press by the president, who has branded most major news sources as the “dishonest media” or “fake news” at nearly every public appearance he’s made since assuming office.

The fact that Trump’s “enthusiastic supporters” were protesters of the Dakota Pipeline is particularly ironic, given Trump’s recent claims that “nobody called up to complain” when he approved the pipeline which has been the site of ongoing protests by thousands of Native Americans and their allies.




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