Continue to push (it’s only been 10 days) – Here’s How

You can continue the efforts of the January 21st women’s march that broke records and blew minds around the globe (especially the guy in the White House who continues to insist his were bigger).

What else can you do?

1) text ‘women’ to 40649

2), along with People’s Action and the Working Families Party, has initiated a series of #ResistTrumpTuesdays demonstrations intended to last through Trump’s first 100 days. In the first action, over 10,000 people in more than 200 cities rallied outside congressional offices urging senators to “Stop Trump’s #SwampCabinet.”

3) Download  Indivisible Guide — already downloaded more than a million times — that has brought together more than 4,500 local groups who have signed up to resist the Trump agenda in almost every congressional district. Initiated by a group of progressive former congressional staffers, the guide’s strength lies partly in its laser focus on pressuring Congress.

4) Join Swing Left which is asking people to sign up to focus on winning swing districts in Congress in the 2018 elections, and got 100,000 people to sign up in four days around the time of the Women’s March. It has since doubled that number.

More to come, if you want to add to this list please email us at




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