In DC, “Yep” is the new “Nope.” Kimmel takes down a lyin’ senator.

We usually devote this page to President Trump and his minions, many of whom have made the Alternative Fact a modern day form of performance art. Today, however, we honor the work of a U.S. senator, the not-so-honorable Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, who, posing as a benign health care reformer, has proved that the art of deception […]

Comey: Trump lied about me and the FBI

If you were waiting for the first shoe to drop in James Comey’s appearance on Capitol Hill this morning, you didn’t have long to wait. The recently ousted FBI director wasted no time, using his opening remarks to accuse President Trump of lying. Comey is the star witness before the Senate Intelligence Committee, now looking […]

Jason Chaffetz is no longer seeking re-election

Jason “Poor people could afford cancer treatment if they stopped buying cell phones” Chaffetz is no longer running for reelection in Utah’s 3rd District. Chaffetz has been in Congress since 2009 and his accolades include: opposition to the Affordable Care Act, same-sex marriage, Planned Parenthood, the scientific consensus on climate change, Net Neutrality, and privacy. He […]

Smoke, Sparks, Fire? DC is a virtual tinderbox threatening to ignite at any moment

Something smelled rotten when House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes made a bee-line for the White House today. Now we may have a clue as to just what that aroma was. Nunes said the President needed to know what he, Nunes, had just found out — that those nasty leaks from the FBI’s Trump/Russia probe had […]

Mulvaney mean-splains “compassion.” I got yer “safety net” right heah!

Alternative Facts come in many forms. There’s the “out-and-out lie”, as in, “Three to five million illegal aliens voted on Election Day, robbing me of my popular vote victory.” Then there’s the, “you misunderstood me” dodge, as in, “When I said Obama wire-tapped me in my home, I obviously meant that somebody might have ordered surveillance […]

Healthcare Prescription: Give CEO’s $400 million and don’t call in the morning

They say the devil is in the details. True enough, it turns out, if you read the fine print in the Republicans’ Obamacare-overhaul plan unveiled Tuesday. What’s leaving mouths most agape is a provision of the so-called American Health Care Act that would put nearly a half-billion dollars into the pockets of top health insurance […]

Misdirection, sleight of hand, diversion, Do Not Be Fooled by what is really happening

While we the people and the media chase after (and obsess about), the most recent outrageousness of the latest Twitter rants or Russian connections, truly horrendous bills are being drafted by the emboldened Republican Party and they are about to rain down on us all. The Democrats, having no ability to block this newest set […]

“Jesus” sounds off on Medicaid…Not really, it was THIS guy!

WARNING: Contains Explicit Stupidity Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) stands opposed to any sort of expansion of Medicaid because he believes poor people will reject using any sort of health care, even free care, “just like Jesus said” they would. Citing a biblical passage where Jesus justifies a woman anointing him with expensive oils, Marshall explained, “There is […]

GOP Blocks access to Trump’s Tax Returns – This is good for the country How?

Remember way back when, you know, that time that Trump promised to release his tax returns if he ever ran for president. Oh, and there were those numerous times during the campaign that he promised he’d release them after the IRS was done with their audit. This of course, is an ALTERNATIVE FACT since the […]