“He’s a great friend. Oh, he’s dead? Then never mind.”

If you’re gonna lie, at least get your Alternative Facts straight. In another burst of cringe-worthy mis-statesmanship, President Trump has again embarrassed America in the company of a foreign leader. Last month, Trump drew a sharp look from German Chancellor Angela Merkel when he turned to her at a press conference and said, “At least we […]

I’m divesting from my business. Oh, you thought I was serious? LOL

There are many versions of the old bait-and-switch. Thanks to Donald Trump, we’re learning new ones all the time — and sometimes the lessons are painful. Just ask the graduates of Trump University.   When Trump took office he refused to divest himself of his business interests. That’s something his predecessors had done voluntarily and routinely, […]

Smoke, Sparks, Fire? DC is a virtual tinderbox threatening to ignite at any moment

Something smelled rotten when House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes made a bee-line for the White House today. Now we may have a clue as to just what that aroma was. Nunes said the President needed to know what he, Nunes, had just found out — that those nasty leaks from the FBI’s Trump/Russia probe had […]

Divest? Conflict of Interest? – ROFL – Trump (Brand) is raking in the dough

Imagine George Washington selling time shares at Mount Vernon. Or Thomas Jefferson making Monticello an upscale bed-and-breakfast. Now imagine Donald Trump using his presidency to cash in on his home away from Washington. Oh, wait. He is, having turned his Florida get-away pad-slash-exclusive country club, Mar-a-Lago, into Even-More-a-Lago, by doubling the $100,000 membership fee. That’s just one of the […]

Remember, “Ketchup is a vegetable?” Here we go again

With the help of our Republican Congress, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is on her way to bringing down America’s public school system. House Bill 610, now under consideration, gives a glimpse at the dark side of Devos’s master plan. In typical GOP ALTERNATIVE FACT jargon, HB-610 is called the “Choices in Education Act.” There’s truth […]

Trump Administration’s unconscionable overreach to screw retirees is rejected by Federal court

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON FEBRUARY 4th After a White House meeting with business executives, Mr. Trump signed a directive to halt an Obama-era Labor Department rule that requires brokers to act in a client’s best interest, rather than seek the highest profits for themselves, when providing retirement advice.” AMAZING, WONDERFUL UPDATE FROM ELIZABETH WARREN WHO REALLY DESERVED […]

ISIS threatens our national securi……Ooh, shiny red ball!

The inability to focus for any significant length of time normally ends up with a visit to the principal’s office and then a school psychologist who stamps your permanent record as having ADD. Then there is the case of our president who, according to numerous reports from inside the White House, and now on full display […]