Watergate/Trumpgate (Part Nine): When all else fails, turn to prayer

Like Watergate, the Trumpgate saga is one full of fits and starts: periods of quiet followed by bursts of new revelations, often sordid and sometimes comical. Such is the latest turn in Trumpgate — a laughable meeting at the White House Wednesday between President Trump and a group of evangelical leaders who once again, inexplicably, showed […]

Trump to Qatar: Stop funding terror! (oh and, buy our warplanes, shhh)

Confused about where the Trump administration stands on Qatar? We couldn’t blame you if you were. Not after President Trump’s latest head-fake regarding U.S. relations with the small Persian Gulf nation. You might recall that just last week, the President high-fived several of Qatar’s neighbors for cutting ties with its government. In praising the action by […]

Trump “Buy American” Order – Do as I say, not as I do

By now we’ve learned that whenever Donald Trump ends a statement or pledge with, “Believe me,” or words to that effect, he’s lying. It’s his way of pre-arming the lie against its inevitable exposure. Trump’s latest venture into Alternative Fact-land took him Tuesday to Kenosha, Wisconsin, home of Snap-on tools. There, he signed an executive order […]

I’m divesting from my business. Oh, you thought I was serious? LOL

There are many versions of the old bait-and-switch. Thanks to Donald Trump, we’re learning new ones all the time — and sometimes the lessons are painful. Just ask the graduates of Trump University.   When Trump took office he refused to divest himself of his business interests. That’s something his predecessors had done voluntarily and routinely, […]

Watergate/Trumpgate (Part Six): “I’ve never met that man!” Trump’s now-toxic cronies disavowed

John Dean must be having a deja vu moment. Or three. When Dean became a liability to his boss, Richard Nixon, during the Watergate scandal, Nixon not only fired him. He wrote him off. Completely. It was as though Dean, in his three years as Nixon’s chief counsel, had never been privy to Oval Office […]

Divest? Conflict of Interest? – ROFL – Trump (Brand) is raking in the dough

Imagine George Washington selling time shares at Mount Vernon. Or Thomas Jefferson making Monticello an upscale bed-and-breakfast. Now imagine Donald Trump using his presidency to cash in on his home away from Washington. Oh, wait. He is, having turned his Florida get-away pad-slash-exclusive country club, Mar-a-Lago, into Even-More-a-Lago, by doubling the $100,000 membership fee. That’s just one of the […]

Republican Mantra: See, Hear & Speak Not of Climate Change

If you’re too young to have heard the brilliant comedy group Firesign Theater, you are probably unaware of their epic 1974 album, Everything You Know Is Wrong. Never fear we found it and you can listen to his HERE It’s absurdist theater but you’ll swear you were listening to a group of today’s Republicans. Among the Firesign […]

Smoking Gun? More like a cannon blast! No way to wriggle out of this one, right?

“Hey!  Just because Benedict Arnold had a secret meeting with British General Cornwallis, doesn’t mean he’s a traitor to America.” From the nowhere left to hide department: The Wall Street Journal, said in a report that was little-noticed at the time. Candidate Trump personally met with Russian ambassador, Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak, on April 27, 2016, prior […]