We solemnly swear that we all need some Friday Funnies

How on earth does this trainwreck of an administration and government keep finding new ways to walk and talk themselves into impossible, contradictory, outrageous and flat-out ridiculous Alternative Facts? You really can’t make this s*#t up. People get thrown under buses by this president so fast that he makes Frank Underwood seem like a pussycat. […]

Friday Funnies – This week’s special treat: A video you’ll watch again & again

Another week of furious infighting, leaks, subplots, hearings, arm-twisting and the specter looming over our nation’s capital that everything could literally blow up at any moment. Now, don’t you feel better? No? Yeah, us either, which is why we are delighted to offer up a much needed dose of Friday Funnies. Gotta say this is […]

Who needs some new Meme’s and Comics? We do!! NEW Feature: Vote for your favorite

We know this is one of your favorite features so here with another edition are some of the best comics and memes of the week.  This week we really want to know your favorites so please comment in the comments section of the webpage (http://todaysalternativefact.com) and we’ll announce the results over the weekend.

Cartoonists asking, “Is this heaven?”

Every hour giant softballs are being lobbed down the middle of the plate, making every day like Christmas for our nation’s cartoonists, memesters and satirists. There’s lots of head banging, fury, shock and outright astonishment going around so we figured we’d offer up some smiles. (Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the outrage shortly)   […]