“He’s a great friend. Oh, he’s dead? Then never mind.”

If you’re gonna lie, at least get your Alternative Facts straight. In another burst of cringe-worthy mis-statesmanship, President Trump has again embarrassed America in the company of a foreign leader. Last month, Trump drew a sharp look from German Chancellor Angela Merkel when he turned to her at a press conference and said, “At least we […]

Trump “Buy American” Order – Do as I say, not as I do

By now we’ve learned that whenever Donald Trump ends a statement or pledge with, “Believe me,” or words to that effect, he’s lying. It’s his way of pre-arming the lie against its inevitable exposure. Trump’s latest venture into Alternative Fact-land took him Tuesday to Kenosha, Wisconsin, home of Snap-on tools. There, he signed an executive order […]

I’m divesting from my business. Oh, you thought I was serious? LOL

There are many versions of the old bait-and-switch. Thanks to Donald Trump, we’re learning new ones all the time — and sometimes the lessons are painful. Just ask the graduates of Trump University.   When Trump took office he refused to divest himself of his business interests. That’s something his predecessors had done voluntarily and routinely, […]

Keystone XL: “Pipeline to Prosperity” is looking more like Trump’s Folly

Unless you are talking about the trees and perfectly manicured lawns of his golf courses, President Trump doesn’t have much use for the environment. With each passing Executive Order his disdain for it becomes more obvious. He has already okayed coal industry dumping into some of our nation’s waterways. He’s ordered a dismantling of our […]

Kill the Bill (Vol. One): Trump and Ryan drop the AHCA ball on the goal line

President Trump couldn’t have been clearer: He and his water carrier in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan, had the votes, and their draconian plan to replace Obamacare was a shoo-in. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer pressed the point at every presser. “There’s no Plan B,” he insisted. “Only Plan A.” Meaning it was this […]

Battle Royale – Citizen’s United vs. Healthcare in America

Billionaires Charles and David Koch are promising massive amounts of campaign cash to Republicans who vote against the Trump/Ryan much maligned Healthcare revision.  In addition, they are reportedly threatening those who don’t fall in line. Warning that they will withhold campaign donations to congressmen who vote in favor of the AHCA. According to Politico, the […]

Watergate/Trumpgate (Part Six): “I’ve never met that man!” Trump’s now-toxic cronies disavowed

John Dean must be having a deja vu moment. Or three. When Dean became a liability to his boss, Richard Nixon, during the Watergate scandal, Nixon not only fired him. He wrote him off. Completely. It was as though Dean, in his three years as Nixon’s chief counsel, had never been privy to Oval Office […]