Watergate/Trumpgate (Part Nine): When all else fails, turn to prayer

Like Watergate, the Trumpgate saga is one full of fits and starts: periods of quiet followed by bursts of new revelations, often sordid and sometimes comical. Such is the latest turn in Trumpgate — a laughable meeting at the White House Wednesday between President Trump and a group of evangelical leaders who once again, inexplicably, showed […]

Trump to Qatar: Stop funding terror! (oh and, buy our warplanes, shhh)

Confused about where the Trump administration stands on Qatar? We couldn’t blame you if you were. Not after President Trump’s latest head-fake regarding U.S. relations with the small Persian Gulf nation. You might recall that just last week, the President high-fived several of Qatar’s neighbors for cutting ties with its government. In praising the action by […]

Comey: Trump lied about me and the FBI

If you were waiting for the first shoe to drop in James Comey’s appearance on Capitol Hill this morning, you didn’t have long to wait. The recently ousted FBI director wasted no time, using his opening remarks to accuse President Trump of lying. Comey is the star witness before the Senate Intelligence Committee, now looking […]

The Art of the (Saudi Arms) Deal: More smoke and mirrors?

President Trump was in his element last month when he visited Saudi Arabia. Beaming alongside his host, Crown Prince Salman, Trump unveiled the putative centerpiece of his trip, a ten-year $110-billion arms deal with the Saudis. Along with it, the President suggested, came Saudi Arabia’s commitment to join America’s war on international terrorism. There’s no question, the […]

“Media bias! Media bias! They’re using my words against me.”

Among the many lowlights of President Trump’s first four months in office, we must count his recent “woe is me” graduation address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Like so much of what this man says, the address was grounded in one enormous Alternative Fact: the victimization of an honest president. Typically, Trump steered the focus of his […]