Republicans head home to resounding anger, boos and calls to “Do Your Job”!

Even the safest republican members of Congress are finding open hostility when hosting Town Hall meetings in their districts. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who won his district by 47% was drowned out by a packed auditorium booing as he defended the president, claiming there was no conflict of interest in his business dealings or that he […]

Donning lab coats and pocket protectors, Scientists plan an Earth Day March

We might be wrong about the lab coats but you gotta love the plucky initiative of these geniuses who toil in relative obscurity to unravel the world’s greatest mysteries. Fed up with the besmirching of their work and partisan dismissal of their findings they will descend on DC and add to the growing chorus of The […]

IT WORKS – 9 Ways The Resistance HAS made a difference

9 victories for the resistance since Trump’s inauguration Tom Cahill | February 1, 2017 While it may seem like we’re under constant attack, the anti-Trump resistance has made massive gains in stopping Donald Trump’s agenda in the last 10 days. 1. HIRING FREEZE FOR VA (DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS) WORKERS REVERSED Originally, President Trump ordered […]

Continue to push (it’s only been 10 days) – Here’s How

You can continue the efforts of the January 21st women’s march that broke records and blew minds around the globe (especially the guy in the White House who continues to insist his were bigger). What else can you do? 1) text ‘women’ to 40649 2), along with People’s Action and the Working Families Party, has […]