Obamacare: GOP trying to Repeal, Replace and Revise (History)

Worried Americans are taking to Town Halls to voice their concerns about the future of healthcare once President Trump and his Republican Congress get around to taking on Obamacare. No GOP plan has been put forward yet, aside from promises that it will cost less and cover more Americans than the Affordable Care Act. The […]

Cartoonists asking, “Is this heaven?”

Every hour giant softballs are being lobbed down the middle of the plate, making every day like Christmas for our nation’s cartoonists, memesters and satirists. There’s lots of head banging, fury, shock and outright astonishment going around so we figured we’d offer up some smiles. (Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the outrage shortly)   […]

Spicer (McCarthy) & Conway (McKinnon) deliver SNL’s highest ratings in 6 years

There is no denying that Saturday Night Live is back on top. The show’s rise can be traced directly to the divisive election and the stunning result. The multi-talented cast has been bolstered by regular cameo appearances by such superstars as Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy, who are delivering pitch-perfect satirical send-ups of Trump and Sean […]