It’s Fall and Yes, the sky is falling. Cue the Funnies

Bombast, bluster, buffoonery & balderdash (see, we didn’t say bulls#*t). It’s enough to turn the beautiful colors of autumn blue. Everyone knew that nothing good would come out of Trump going to the UN and we knew that the GOP wouldn’t admit defeat in their efforts to take healthcare away from millions, so what are […]

We solemnly swear that we all need some Friday Funnies

How on earth does this trainwreck of an administration and government keep finding new ways to walk and talk themselves into impossible, contradictory, outrageous and flat-out ridiculous Alternative Facts? You really can’t make this s*#t up. People get thrown under buses by this president so fast that he makes Frank Underwood seem like a pussycat. […]

He said WHAT!!?? Spicer leaves White House press corps speechless

“Words can’t express …” is itself an expression referring to something, such as an emotion, that runs too deep to be described verbally. For example: love, gratitude, happiness or sorrow. Sometimes, that emotion is disbelief — the effect of seeing or hearing something so illogical, so ridiculous, so contrary to established fact that one is left speechless. You know, […]

Cue the Benny Hill music it’s time for Friday Funnies

We know that it’s been another rough week, from pre-dawn Twitter lying and ranting, to the roll out of a laughable healthcare program and the endless new revelations about how Russia hacked, owns and controls the White House. Let’s not forget how Trump’s National Security Advisor is actually a foreign agent for the murderous lunatic […]

Oliver’s Twist: A Fresh Look on Trumpgate

It’s an actual fact that the late-night comedians are feasting on the Alternative Facts of Trumpgate. Every lie, every distortion, and every weasel word from the President and his team gets new life as a punchline every weeknight. For many of us, though, Sunday night is the one worth waiting for. That’s when America’s Conscience from Across the Pond, […]