Trump mouthpiece, Fox News, keeps on spinning & shilling

They didn’t write the book, How to Lie with Statistics, but the folks at Fox News could easily update the 1954 classic for 2017. The critically-ashamed news channel sank deeper into the abyss of Alternative Facts this weekend, using accurate figures to paint an inaccurate picture of economic “progress” under President Trump. The political website, The Hill, describes how Fox […]

TODAY’S LESSON: How to turn a bald-faced lie into an “Alternative Fact”

What Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway first described as “Alternative Facts” have become so ingrained in our politi-speak, we’re beginning to lose sight of just how cynical the term is. Now, upon release of the latest economic figures, even the news media, it seems, have fallen into the trap. Witness the press corps’ shifting relationship with […]

Ever wonder how to handle a lyin’ liar? Just watch.

How to Handle a Lyin’ Liar Alternative facts are flying fast and furious these days. Since Donald Trump came on the political scene, he and his people have made lying an art form. Now that he’s in the White House, distortions, half-truths and all-out lies are a fact of life, especially for a news media […]

New AltFact-er heard from: Trump can lie about the murder rate because he’s not ‘bound by all the facts’

Enter stage right, the one and only Rick Santorum. You might recall Rick, he ran for president twice, is a devout, practicing Catholic, an outspoken social conservative who opposes same-sex marriage and artificial birth control. While serving as a senator, Santorum was the author of what came to be known as the Santorum Amendment, which promoted […]

The battle rages, “Fake News” vs. “Alternative Facts” – TAKE THE POLL

To hear the White House put it, all this coverage of outright lies, misdirections and (say it with us now) ALTERNATIVE FACTS is in fact, Fake News.   Which probably qualifies it for yet another Alternative Fact but we’ll get to that later. Here’s the official argument from Sebastian Gorka a former Breitbart editor [read: Bannon accolyte] and […]