TODAY’S LESSON: How to turn a bald-faced lie into an “Alternative Fact”

What Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway first described as “Alternative Facts” have become so ingrained in our politi-speak, we’re beginning to lose sight of just how cynical the term is. Now, upon release of the latest economic figures, even the news media, it seems, have fallen into the trap. Witness the press corps’ shifting relationship with […]

Oliver’s Twist: A Fresh Look on Trumpgate

It’s an actual fact that the late-night comedians are feasting on the Alternative Facts of Trumpgate. Every lie, every distortion, and every weasel word from the President and his team gets new life as a punchline every weeknight. For many of us, though, Sunday night is the one worth waiting for. That’s when America’s Conscience from Across the Pond, […]

Obamacare: GOP trying to Repeal, Replace and Revise (History)

Worried Americans are taking to Town Halls to voice their concerns about the future of healthcare once President Trump and his Republican Congress get around to taking on Obamacare. No GOP plan has been put forward yet, aside from promises that it will cost less and cover more Americans than the Affordable Care Act. The […]

The Trump team continues to defy the laws of reality, sanity and THE LAW!

The declaration of war that Team Trump has issued on the media has elevated (or devolved) into a full frontal assault on the first amendment.  So much for the Constitution, silly founders, what were they thinking? Let’s review what happened today: Sean Spicer (not Melissa McCarthy, although we cannot wait to see what she has […]