He said WHAT!!?? Spicer leaves White House press corps speechless

“Words can’t express …” is itself an expression referring to something, such as an emotion, that runs too deep to be described verbally. For example: love, gratitude, happiness or sorrow. Sometimes, that emotion is disbelief — the effect of seeing or hearing something so illogical, so ridiculous, so contrary to established fact that one is left speechless. You know, […]

And Today’s Alternative Human is….

It seems like folks on the alt-right are constantly trying to top each other for the title of most loathsome human being. Today, the honor of most loathsome, or as we care to dub him “Alternative Human” is Charles Hurt of the Washington Times. By now we’ve all heard or seen Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional story about […]

Trump mouthpiece, Fox News, keeps on spinning & shilling

They didn’t write the book, How to Lie with Statistics, but the folks at Fox News could easily update the 1954 classic for 2017. The critically-ashamed news channel sank deeper into the abyss of Alternative Facts this weekend, using accurate figures to paint an inaccurate picture of economic “progress” under President Trump. The political website, The Hill, describes how Fox […]