Battle Royale – Citizen’s United vs. Healthcare in America

Billionaires Charles and David Koch are promising massive amounts of campaign cash to Republicans who vote against the Trump/Ryan much maligned Healthcare revision.  In addition, they are reportedly threatening those who don’t fall in line. Warning that they will withhold campaign donations to congressmen who vote in favor of the AHCA. According to Politico, the […]

Smoke, Sparks, Fire? DC is a virtual tinderbox threatening to ignite at any moment

Something smelled rotten when House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes made a bee-line for the White House today. Now we may have a clue as to just what that aroma was. Nunes said the President needed to know what he, Nunes, had just found out — that those nasty leaks from the FBI’s Trump/Russia probe had […]

Healthcare Prescription: Give CEO’s $400 million and don’t call in the morning

They say the devil is in the details. True enough, it turns out, if you read the fine print in the Republicans’ Obamacare-overhaul plan unveiled Tuesday. What’s leaving mouths most agape is a provision of the so-called American Health Care Act that would put nearly a half-billion dollars into the pockets of top health insurance […]

GOP Blocks access to Trump’s Tax Returns – This is good for the country How?

Remember way back when, you know, that time that Trump promised to release his tax returns if he ever ran for president. Oh, and there were those numerous times during the campaign that he promised he’d release them after the IRS was done with their audit. This of course, is an ALTERNATIVE FACT since the […]

Watergate/Trumpgate (Part 5) – Corrosive Justice Department Alliances

What is it about Attorneys General that drives some of them to the dark side of presidential scandals? During Watergate, it was President Nixon’s first-term A.G., John Mitchell, who got wrapped up in the dirty dealings and wound up doing time. Mitchell had stepped down five months before Nixon’s re-election in 1972, to play a […]

UPDATED: GOP-run Senate follows House, voting to allow the severely mentally ill to buy guns!

Speechless. Is this what they were sent to Washington to do? To avoid broken phones and computer screens we recommend doing some calming meditation before reading this Congress blocks rule barring mentally impaired from guns By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON — The Republican-led Senate voted Wednesday to block an Obama-era regulation that would prevent an […]

Within hours the DeVos run Dept. of Education is targeted for demolition

Maybe it wasn’t Pay-for-Play after all but instead Pay-for-the-Chance-to-Push-the-Detonator-Button on the department she just bought.  Like a real estate tycoon who buys a building only to rig it with explosives and watch it implode. On the same day the Senate confirmed President Trump’s secretary of Education pick by a historically narrow margin, a House Republican […]

Pay-for-play on full display as least qualified nominee takes the reins at Dept. of Education

One of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party (over $200 million), a woman who has absolutely no qualifications or experience when it comes to public education, college funding, student loans or what the inside of a public school even looks like, is our new Secretary of Education. The billionaire socialite has snagged one of […]

From the “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” dumpster fire

Every hour of every day brings another slew of nonsensical, 1%-friendly new rules and restriction easing measures. Think this one is designed to help you, the blue collar worker who voted for Trump because he understood your concerns and would “drain the swamp” There’s only one word for you SUCKER! The Senate voted to reject […]